Holy Trinity Church Wavertree

Church of England - Diocese of Liverpool


Wednesday 10am
Holy Communion (BCP)

Sunday 10am
Parish Communion (ESB)



Anglican Worship

We come together Sunday by Sunday and often in the week to worship God's holiness, to hear God's Word, to offer our prayer and to rejoice in God's presence among us.

We worship as a parish. Every person who lives in the parish is welcome, as of right, to join us in worship.

Scripture is the foundation of all our worship. Over two-thirds of the words we use every Sunday come directly from Scripture. In every service we read Holy Scripture. Many of our hymns and songs are based on scripture. We are glad to use set forms of worship because we believe this is the best way of allowing everyone to be able to join in and play their part.

Today we are also learning to use more flexible forms of prayer still within a framework, so that we can be free in the Spirit and also free to feel safe because we know where we are in our worship.

Daily Prayer for all

Since Cranmer wrote the first Book of Common Prayer in 1549 the intention has been to provide forms of daily prayer and weekly worship that are common to the whole people of God.

So there are forms of daily morning and evening prayer that all can share in Church or at home.

Today we as Anglicans are rediscovering ways of praying that are appropriate for people who live busy and demanding lives.

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