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Unfortunately, the Church MUST remain closed during the Covid19 Pandemic

Some thoughts by Rev John Philips

Archived Podcasts

A service for the sunday after ascension

A sermon for the sunday after ascension - by John Philips

A sermon for ascension - by Robert Clack

12/05/20 Podcast - Bach to Ravel - by Robert Clack

A Communion Service for 17/05/20 - the Fifth Sunday after Easter

Service for 10/05/20 - the Fourth Sunday after Easter

Sermon for 10/05/20 - By Ruth Pryce

28/04/20 Podcast - Time by Robert Clack

Stephen Derringer plays Chesea Fayre by Reginald Goss-Custard

Service for 03/05/20 - the third sunday after Easter

Sermon for 03/05/20 - By Jeanette Griffiths

28/04/05 Podcast - A new Podcast by Ruth Pryce

Service for 26/04/20 - the second sunday after Easter

Sermon for 26/04/20 - The Road to Emmaus by John Philips

22/04/20 Podcast by Ruth Pryce

29/03/20 Podcast - the Book of Common Prayer by Robert Clack

22/04/20 Podcast - JSBach by Robert Clack

Service for 19/04/20 - the sunday after Easter

Sermon for 19/4/20 - Doubting Thomas by Robert Clack

Service for 12/04/20 - Easter Sunday

Sermon for 10/4/20 - Good Friday - Stations of the Cross

Sermon for 09/04/20 - Maundy Thursday

Service for 05/04/20 - Palm Sunday

25/03/20 Podcast - C19 Steve Derringer "You'll Never Walk Alone"

25/03/20 Podcast - A message from the Rector (Covid19)


Holy Trinity Church Wavertree takes its duty and obligation to protect all extremely seriously.

You can find out more about national policiesĀ 
and procedures here.

If you haveĀ safeguarding concerns or issues on a safeguarding matter you can find useful contact information here.


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