Holy Trinity Church Wavertree

Church of England - Diocese of Liverpool

Prayer List

Lord open our hearts to your love, and make your home within us.

As you took upon you our nature, grant that we may be partakers of the Divine.

Grant that we may ever rejoice in your presence, King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen

The Father who has shown his love for us, be with us.

The Son, who has come to be among us, be with us.

The Spirit, who fills the whole world, be with us. 

The Holy Three be within and without us, now and evermore. Amen 

Comfort and heal all those who suffer in body, mind or spirit, give them courage and hope in their troubles and bring them the joy of your salvation. Amen       

Please  pray for -

Margaret Stewart

Doreen Doughty

Dave Reasbeck

Alec Guy

Sarah Gladney

Margery Morris

David Jenkins

Jean Jenkins

Bert Jenkins

Marion Simmons

Ian Monro

Tony Kelly

Tommy Moore

Derek Thornton

Pauline Thornton

John Calcutt

Rachel Metcalf

Edna Leman

Val Mcewen

Carol Eldridge

Edna Austin

Cyril Austin

Jeff Engel

Margaret Williams

James Wheelan

Christopher Daniel

Sue Browne

Katie Wright

Colin Baxter

Joyce Wynne

Carol Edisbury

Ann Coates

Sandra Connell

Christine Dent

Please let  Jan Wynne know how your loved one is getting on. Thank you 721 8085.
It is important that long term members of  our prayer list don’t feel forgotten. 
(tell them we were asking!)

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