Holy Trinity Church Wavertree

Church of England - Diocese of Liverpool


Wednesday 10am
Holy Communion (BCP)

Sunday 10am
Parish Communion (ESB)



Reading Group

The Reading Group meets once a month, usually at the Rectory, at 8.00pm. and mostly to review books read by group members, though we also see films and DVDs.

Books are usually available about three weeks prior to the meeting, and where possible, with a discount. Often, a fact sheet with questions is also available.

Over the past few years we have read Chocolat, The Constant Gardener, The Reading Group, Labyrinth, the Island, Sovereign and many more. History, mystery and biography, humour and anecdote have all been included. When the going gets tough, and reading tends to be put on a back burner, we watch a DVD or go and see a film and discuss that instead.

This is a very relaxed group. Membership is flexible and the group is very welcoming. Contact the Rector for more information (See Staff pages).

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