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The Sacraments

The life of an Anglican starts in Holy Baptism. Baptism is one of the two great sacraments. The other is Holy Eucharist. The word sacrament means "promise". God promises to be with us as we come together to use his gifts as a means of his love and healing. All sacraments have two "parts": something we can see and an inner reception of God's power and love.


Holy Baptism

In Holy Baptism we take water as the outward sign of God's gift to us of the Holy Spirit.. In Holy Baptism we become members of the community of believers, which the New Testament calls the Body of Christ. The person to be baptised (or their Godparents for them) makes a commitment to Jesus, to live for Him and to live in His way. The priest then pours water on them (or sometimes dips them right into the water) and signs them with the sign of Jesus' cross. The water is a sign both that God washes away our our sin and pours out the love of the Holy Spirit upon us to help us follow Jesus and to live in his way. Anglicans believe that we can be baptised only once because once baptised God will not fail to strengthen us with the Holy Spirit when we ask.

See the FAQs section for information about how to apply for Baptism at Holy Trinity


Holy Eucharist

Around the world Anglicans come together on Sunday and daily to share the Eucharist. The word Eucharist means Thanksgiving. We give thanks for God's love shown to us in Jesus.

There are other names for the Eucharist,. other names include Holy Communion, the Lord's Supper and the Mass. Jesus comes to us in bread and wine to equip us to serve him in our daily discipleship at home or at work. Through Holy Communion we become one with Jesus and one with each other. We share Jesus' body and blood given for us on the Cross. We know we are forgiven and have a share in the Risen Life of our Lord Jesus. All Christians of whatever church are welcomed at our altar table to share the bread and wine.

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