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Some thoughts by Rev John Philips


How to Book a Baptism

To enquire about a Baptism please contact our Parish Administrator   (Telephone 0151 734 4803). or The Rector on 0151 733 2172 email; wavertreerectory@gmail.com.  

You will be given an application form and a leaflet explaining the Baptism Service. After your application form has been received, then one of our clergy will contact you to go through the service with you, and answer any questions you may have.

Once we have received your form we can then set a date but not before.

Baptisms normally take place on the 2nd Sunday of the Month; usually at  12noon but occasionally during the 10am Communion Service.

You can download our Baptism Application Form from the Downloads menu on the Left of this page.

Children and Baptism

A family’s first encounter with Holy Trinity is often through Baptism and we may be able to help you with this. When a child is born, it is a time for great celebration, and what follows on in church terms, should also be a joyful time. After a child is born, many parents would like to ‘do something’ to mark this wonderful event. Here at Holy Trinity, we suggest two alternatives

*You may like to bring your child for baptism. This will involve meeting with one of the clergy team and going through the service with you, for as parents, you will have to make promises about bringing up your child to be a Christian.


The Service

The service uses the picture of a journey of which baptism is the starting point – rather like a pilgrimage. It isn’t a journey that children make alone, but one where they are surrounded by the love and care of parents and godparents, family and friends. In the service you will be reminded that children, if they are learn about God will need to ask questions themselves and will also be blessed by your prayers for them as they grow. The service doesn’t demand, but does ask you to bring your child up within the Christian faith. We try and support you by our prayers, our welcome when you come to church and also with our Totspace at the back of church.your family. You can Google Church of England Baptism service and see it for yourselves.



It is quite a responsibility to be asked to be a godparent, and one that should not be accepted lightly, for they too will be asked to declare their faith in God, to encourage and support the child and parents, practically and prayerfully as the child grows up. It is important they understand this before accepting the responsibility. They must be baptised Christians, and ideally, they should be confirmed, or communicant members of their own churches. We suggest no more than four.


Adults and Baptism

Often people make a conscious decision to be baptised in later life. There is no need to do this if you have already been baptised in another church, but if not then you will find that being baptised is a wonderful way of stating your commitment to Christ and his church. Adult baptisms are very similar to infant baptisms and the arrangements are identical.


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