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How to Book a Wedding

Congratulations! You have decided to get married, and we wish you every happiness.

Your wedding day will be one of the most important in your life. You will be making promises in church, which commit you to a relationship which should be life long… …and the thought of it all can be daunting to say the least!

First of all

If you want to be married at Holy Trinity, the good news is that it has become easier to do so. You will need to speak to The Rector, but generally you can be married at Holy Trinity if:

• One of you lives in the Parish of Holy Trinity
• One of you is on the Electoral Roll of the church
• It is the parish where you were baptized and/or confirmed
• You have lived in, for 6 months or more, at any time during your life in the parish of Holy Trinity
• You have attended worship for at least 6 months at Holy Trinity
• This is the parish where your parents have lived or worshipped in (during your lifetime)
• Holy Trinity is the parish your parents or grandparents were married in.


Sometimes couples may decide to marry abroad or have a civil ceremony first.

If this is your choice, you can still have a church service or blessing.

There is a service of prayer and dedication after a civil ceremony and this can be adapted. There are no legal requirements.

If one of you is not British, then a special license may be needed. The clergy will advise you about this and you will need to apply to the Registrar.


Banns of Marriage

Banns are the announcement of your intention to get married. They must be read out on three consecutive Sundays in the Anglican Parish Church of the parishes where you both live, and where (if it is different) the ceremony will take place.

You will need to see the vicar of each parish involved. Banns must be read within the three month period prior to the wedding. If you wish, you can go along to hear them being read out, though this is not essential.


After the Banns have been read, you must collect a Certificate from the vicar of each Church declaring that your Banns have been read. You must do this in order for us to go ahead with the ceremony.

There will be a fee payable to each church ready your Banns (At Holy Trinity we include this in the total cost of your wedding.)


Preparing for Marriage

Once you have completed and returned the application form to the Rector in person, he will guide you to the Registrar to make your legal application then arrange a meeting with you to go through the service. We want you to enjoy your wedding and to feel relaxed, and discussing the procedures including the music early in your planning is helpful.


You can download a Banns of Marriage Application Form from the Downloads menu on the HOME SCREEN Otherwise, contact the Rector on 0151 733 2172    wavertreerectory@gmail.com

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