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Other FAQs


I am hard of hearing. Do you have any facilities for me at Holy Trinity?

Yes, in all our main services we use a public address system which includes a loop system.


I am partially sighted. Do you have any facilities for me at Holy Trinity?

In our 10.00 Parish Communion services we print up service sheets in large type to help those who are partially sighted


Do you have wheelchair access at Holy Trinity?

We do have two steps - one down from Church Road into the churchyard and one up into the church from the path. There is a permanent ramp to ease wheelchair access from Church Road and, although the step into Church is quite shallow and generally manageable, there a portable metal ramp available and there are always people happy to give assistance if need be.


Are there any groups at Holy Trinity that my young child can join?

Yes. Please see our sections about Childrens Organisations in the Organisations section of this web site.


I'd like to bring my baby to Holy Trinity but I'm concerned that my baby might disturb the service. Are there any facilities for babies and small children at Holy Trinity?

When children are baptised, we say: We welcome you into the Lord’s family! Children are never too young to come to church, and at church, we are all members of one, large family. We want you and your children to know that you are all welcome.

If your baby is settled and content, then please, don’t feel you have to get up every time the congregation does, to sing a hymn, for instance.

If your baby cries loudly, please don’t be embarrassed. If he/she just needs to be carried around please get up and walk around – we would prefer you to do this rather than to sit still and be flustered – whatever part of the service we have reached.

If you need to change your baby, the toilet is by  the front entrance to the church; if he/she is hungry, then the choir vestry at the back of church might be a more comfortable and private place to use.

If toys will help, we have bags of toys, at the back of church. Feel free to bring quiet toys into church.

The sides people, who welcome you as you come into church are always ready to lend a hand, so do ask them for help.

When it is time to go and receive Holy Communion, please bring your baby to the altar to receive a blessing.

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